Whether you love the camera or avoid it,
you’ll appreciate the ease and comfort of a photo session with Trish!

A little about Me…

Hi, I’m Trish, and I’ve been photographing the lives and events of Equestrian enthusiasts since 2014, and enjoying offering family Lifestyle photography for even longer! For starters, I am simply delighted that you are on my website!  If you’re looking to make some amazing memories of the lifestyle you have worked so hard to harness – your family, your horses, your life… well you’re in the right place!  Because that’s what I love to capture with my camera and that’s why I’m here too.  It’s a win-win all around!

Equestrian Photographer Trish OFlaherty

My goal with every session is to capture the love & respect, and the deep connection you have with horses.  Want your whole family and pets to be part of this amazing session? Awesome! We can make that happen too! I can help you create a collection of photographs which will capture your story and ensure you have timeless, beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime.  Take a moment to view my two portfolios below and be sure to check out my “About Page” for more details and special offerings!

Equestrian Lifestyle Sessions

So what exactly is a “lifestyle Session” ?  This type of photography is aimed at capturing you during a typical day at the barn, training in the ring,  or riding out in the pasture and just doing what it is you so love about being a horse rider.  I want to capture what it is that makes the two of you tick and capture the bond between you and your horse.  Click here to see my portfolio of Lifestyle Equestrian Images.

Female Portrait

Portrait, Family & Pets

Your Portrait Session is all about “YOU” and capturing that uniqueness and beauty you have within you.  Whether you choose to keep this amazing session simply to yourself, or make this a full family affair, I promise you will come away with a stunning collection of wall-worthy portraits you will be proud to display and will cherish for a lifetime.

Click here to see my full portfolio, including Portraits, Family, Kids, Pets & Private Collection.

My Services

Equestrian Photo Books Custom Designed

Photo Books

There’s nothing like the feeling of holding a custom photo book in your hands, smiling at the images that grace each beautifully designed page.

I know the power of combining awe-inspiring photographs with eye-catching design creating the perfect photo story of you or your life event.

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Branding Solutions

Integrated design is key towards producing any brand that lasts the test of time.

I’m a senior level designer who specializes in visual identity and creative solutions.  Brochures, Stationary, Business Cards, Social Media Branding..  I’m happy to help you grow as a business.

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I’m all about sharing my passion for lifestyle photography.

After spending years perfecting my craft, it’s time to pass on the fundamentals, best practices and tricks of the trade so that you too can capture life’s amazing moments.

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Why Choose a Freelance Photographer

Twenty Years of Experience

With over 20 years of design and photography experience, you will receive a finished product that will be unsurpassed.

Custom Editing

All my images are edited by me.
All photobooks are custom designed and hand delivered by me personally.
I never outsource my work.

Personal Delivery

If possible, I will personally deliver your prints right to your front door.
Wait times for your product will be short and stress free.

Kind Words

“Being new to the acting world, I must say I was nervous to do these headshots. However, after working with Trish, I not only felt like we had captured some great photos for my portfolio, but also that I had gained lots of tips and confidence.

You can really tell Trish enjoys what she does! I trust her opinion and work completely. Before the shoot, she made sure I was as prepared as could be, sending me tips and videos on wardrobe, working with the camera and much more. Then when I arrived, she gave me a pep talk that really got me pumped and prepared for the shoot!

I highly suggest working with Trish!”


Aspiring Actor

“Trish gave me my happy face back. It has been several years since I’ve been truly satisfied with any picture taken of me. The older lady in the photos just did not reflect the energetic person I felt myself to be. Trish changed all that.

The photo session started after about an hour or so of camaraderie with friends and new acquaintances. We were all very relaxed and comfortable as we each took our turn, letting loose, laughing and just enjoying this new experience. The resulting photographs allowed us to see ourselves as other people do when we are together having a good time, which is a real treasure.

I would highly recommend participating in a session like this with Trish; she has a knack of connecting with her subjects/clients and bringing out the best in them.”


Working Mother

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